JAN BURNETT – Coach – LTA Level 4
Jan initially trained and qualified with the USPTR, South Carolina. Followed with LTA.     Jan has always had a strong interest in technique looking to perfect players style and efficiency. Much of subsequent training has been technically and tactically based linked to video analysis. Mentoring has also been a key element of interest as it plays a highly important part of the development of both player and coach.

J B Tennis was established in 2002 by Jan Burnett to develop a tennis programme at Attenborough Tennis Club.

Over the following 8 years, J B Tennis introduced and coached tennis to hundreds of youngsters and adults – many of which became key members, team players, committee members and even coaches of the Club. Since 2002, Attenborough Tennis Club has seen many of those players’ names on the Board of Honour winning Club Championships in all categories.

Current focus is on individual player development through to Regional standard, and small groups of players.

New links with the Nottingham Tennis Centre now provides opportunity and pathways for greater development and competition, coupled with indoor facilities.

LTA LICENSED 2019 (incl DBS)