ADULTS : an in-depth approach to learning


Sound technique is the core to a successful game. Without it, players can be limited in their tactical ability to play the game. In many cases, a sound technique will help in reducing short or long term injuries.

When you begin a series of individual lessons, I will also provide mentoring for you along the way. I will support you through post play/match discussions either by phone, email or on your next meeting.

The best support to your individual sessions would be to join a small group with similar standard players to practise what you have been working on – my sessions provide the ideal environment to develop the skills – they are focussed, energised, but entirely forgiving to help build confidence in the learning process. They can really accelerate your success.

Mondays – 10-11.30AM QUEEN ELIZABETH PARK STAPLEFORD NG9 7FA  beginner/intermediate – pay and play £8 per session

DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME OF THE DAY YOU LEARN QUICKER? it is better to try and have a lesson during the daytime hours and avoid evenings after 6pm – experience has proved that the learning is a much better quality and often is quicker as the body is more ready to absorb information and be active.     A tired body and mind is nowhere near as successful.

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